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8 Reasons why your kid should Crossfit

In today's competitive environment parents have a daunting task of selecting what extracurricular activities they should send their kids too in order to give them the best start in life. Dancing, martial arts, gymnastics etc. Crossfit for kids can start at the young age of 3 years old. Of course at this age it is more about functional body weight movements. Much like what we consider to be old-school playground fun. Jumping, pulling, pushing and tumbling. We spoke to a few parents at our Box including Lynne Knapman the 2nd fittest 55-60 year old in the world. This is what they had to say.

1. Crossfit teaches kids that failing is OK

Wise words from a wise women Lynne Knapman. Today Kids are constantly told how great they are. A valuable life lesson to teach kids is that it is ok to fail. At Crossfit we constantly fail. But along with every failure is the message that hard works pays off. That max PR may have escaped you today but not tomorrow. Today you may not be #1 but tomorrow you may. It teaches your kid that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses so be humble and focus on the process of improving oneself. Not just the act of winning.

2. Confidence

Crossfit is a Mind Over Matter type of sport. Ever missed a snatch because you hesitated. By making accomplishments everyday, seeing marked improvements and receiving positive feedback from the coach,a kid’s self-esteem and confidence is more than likely to be boosted.

3. Brain Development & Coordination

Scientific research shows that exercise at a young age helps brain development, spatial awareness and coordination. The more kids are exposed to at a young age the more brain connections they make improving their capability and capacity for later years. Ever wondered why someone who has always been into sports from a young age is more coordinated than someone who started in adulthood?

4. Physical Benefits

Need we say more? Strength, coordination, speed, flexibility, endurance, stamina, power, all important elements to improve quality of life and to encourage growth spurt. Crossfit is also a good foundation for other sports.By building general and muscle strength, and greater bone density, it reduces the likelihood of injury in contact sports such as rugby and soccer in their later years.

5. Role Models

The law of attraction. Surround yourself with greatness and you will be great too. The Box is full of role models teaching kids how working hard and being disciplined leads to success. They learn camaraderie, sportsmanship and that coming last is not the end all be all. The last person in a WOD is always cheered on and supported by the group because it’s about the hard work someone puts in and how gritty and determined they are. They learn to set goals and can see that people only improve if they put in the hard work and practiced.

8 Reasons Why your Kids should Crossfit | Wodnut

Source: Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir

8 Reasons Why your Kids should Crossfit | Wodnut

Source: Rich Froning

6. Fitness as a Lifestyle

The best fight against obesity is to make fitness part of your lifestyle. The best thing about Crossfit is their definition of fitness. It is the sport that holds speed, power, endurance, strength, accuracy, agility, power, cardiovascular capacity, coordination and strength as the foundations to its training program and the definition of fitness. A much more holistic definition if you asked me. Most sports only focus on some aspects. That's fine as long as you are aware of it.

8 Reasons Why your Kids should Crossfit | Wodnut

7. The Bond

As kids grow into teens they have less things in common with their parents. Crossfit can be a topic of common interest. Even in adults how often do you go out with a group of friends and all you talk about is Crossfit.

8. Knowing what a bad ass mum (or dad) you are

Last but not least, just so that your kids know how bad ass you are. They can work and see for themselves that the skills and movements are not easy.

8 Reasons Why your Kids should Crossfit | Wodnut


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