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An inside look into the Business of Crossfit

An inside look into the Business of Crossfit. Is it a cult? Why is it growing rapidly at 70% per year. The sport that is revolutionising the way we do sport. Call it what you like however my thoughts are that's it's here to stay. It may not be called "Crossfit" however it's already changed the way fitness is programmed around the world. Camaraderies, the combination between Olympic lifting and gymnastics, high intensity, functional movements and being constantly varied. All ingredients making it one of the most effective fitness programs. Is it a cult? Cults generally have crazy belief systems. If you think eating healthy and making most of your potential is a cult then yes it is. This video from Bloomberg TV is an interesting watch. Warning, it's 23 minutes long so save it if you don't have time right now.

Bloomberg Video


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