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Are mobile phones ruining our lives?

OK, let's just admit it. Who feels lost without their phone? I came across this video the other day posted by charstarleneTVWatching it emphasises how times have changed. I remember the days when a mobile phone was the size of a brick and all it did was voice calls. Are we losing connection with our friends and family over preferences to connect over social media such as twitter or facebook? Who constantly checks to see how many likes they have, or checks in at a cafe/restaurant or takes photos of all the dishes that comes out and posts it to FB? I am first to admit that I am guilty of all the above. Just wanted to post this to remind myself and others to live moment. Treasure your friends and family as they will not be there forever. I visited my 95 years old grandma yesterday and it saddens me to see her deteriorate so rapidly in the last few months. She has her good days and her bad however I just wanted to say that even in silence, you know she appreciates your presence. Isn't this how it should be between besties and family. Is silence or having nothing to do, so difficult? Must we constantly be occupied? Are we hiding behind our little screens? Just food for thought. Think about this the next time you fill the urge to reach out for your phone.

In an attempt to improve my quality of life and relationship with those around me I'm going to try to implement some of the strategies below:

  • No mobile phones or ipad over dinner time.
  • When having a house party, collect everyone's phone into a bucket. I saw this on the new TV series "Wanderland" and thought it was a great idea.
  • Leave your phone at home or in the hotel room when on holidays.
  • Set times when no more devices are allowed (eg. from 8pm onwards).
  • Set a minimum of 15 minutes of "me" time each day where you're doing nothing. And I mean absolutely nothing. Not even your precious and needed mobility sessions. Just me time to reflect or not think. You'll be seriously surprised how difficult this will be.

Bottom line?

Treasure it before you lose it. It's that simple.


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