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Featuring articles on Crossfit and general fitness. At Wodnut, we train to improve the quality of everyday life. Our belief is that everyone should be a movement student. A student who continually learns to optimise the way we move. Remember everyone is different. Our motto is, “First modify yourself to the practice. Then modify the practice to you”. Build self-awareness and let movement be your medicine. We aim to use this platform to inspire, create awareness, desire and knowledge. This however is only half the story. The journey of change requires dedication and commitment to practice, test, learn, practice, test, learn etc. Make fitness your priority and improve how you feel today for tomorrow.

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program developed by Greg Glassman based on functional movements, combined with high intensity and constantly varied workouts.  It is a program designed to improve our quality of life mimicking movements that are more realistic to everyday activities, as opposed movements only found at the gym such as a bicep curl.

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