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Crossfit Feel Good

Crossfit Feel Good was one of the original Boxes to open it's door on the Australian shores. The 18th to be exact. We had the opportunity to sit down with head coach and founder Tommy Marshman. How he thinks Crossfit has changed over the years? Why he is passionate about Strongman activities and olympic lifting? Where he sees Crossfit Feel Good heading in the next couple of years.

Box Name: CrossFit Feel Good
Opened: 2009
Members: ~120 including the kids
Location: Australia, NSW Hornsby
Why Crossfit Feel Good? The original Family Box. It's all about feeling good.

You were the 18th affiliate to open their doors in Australia. Tell us how did you discover CrossFit and what was your background prior to CrossFit Feel Good?
Before CrossFit I was in the regular Army and then did a stint as a security contractor, which is where I was first exposed to CrossFit. I was working overseas and one of the guys on my team was an ex-tactical police officer, he said “Check this CrossFit stuff out.” I saw Angie as the WOD on main site with 100 pull ups and thought “F that!”

Then I got a new gig where there wasn't a dedicated gym. I started snooping around the Crossfit main site again and a lot of the things started to gel. I started doing main site WODs with what I had and got addicted.

Do you think CrossFit has changed since the early days? If yes, how and in what way?
Definitely, initially CrossFit was all about being prepared physically for any eventuality. This appealed to me as a soldier and as a security contractor. It’s still the main focus at Feel Good ie. prepping people for life. When I first started CrossFit the competition aspect was really just developing. They just had the first big CrossFit Games at “The Ranch” and it still seemed a little more raw, grass roots and counter culture. Now I think the competition has really overshadowed a lot of the other aspects of Crossfit.

Your box seems to be tiered towards Olympic lifting and strongman activities. Why is that  and what benefits do you see these activities give?
In terms of the Olympic Weightlifting the more I was exposed to it the more passionate I became about it, competing and coaching. We have some strong athletes at our gym, particularly the females, and there was a lot of interest in “lifting heavy s4#t” so we just started adding those classes and interest grew. We have competitors in weightlifting, strongman and CrossFit. We're planning on adding powerlifting too.

We heard you have an Olympic lifting club. What’s that about and is it part of your CrossFit offering?
Our Olympic Weightlifting Club, Feel Good Weightlifting, is a fully registered Weightlifting Club with the NSW Weightlifting Association (NSWWA). It gives our members the opportunity to compete in official weightlifting competitions and this makes them eligible for official state and national records and titles. As well as having their lifts scrutinised and legitimated by qualified weightlifting judges. As a result we've been able to claim a few state records and national titles especially in the masters categories. With the support of the NSWWA, it’s members and coaches, we've been able to develop our weight lifting program to the benefit both our weightlifters and crossfitters.

What’s more challenging? Teaching Masters or Crossfit Kids? Why do you think your box has an edge in the Master’s category?
Kids hands down! Taking a CrossFit Kids class is a workout in itself. I think the demographic in our box is skewed a little to the older more discerning athlete. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to learning and really like to geek out about things and learn now just the how but the why, I like to have the answers. I think our community appreciates this. They don't just want a meathead saying “DO IT!”, they want to know why it works and how to best do it. I think this comes with experience and age.

Recently there has been a lot of noise in regards to “Knees out or knees in”. What is your view on that? Are you on the Di Fu/KStarr camp or Bob Katano?
I think knees in line with the feet, it’s all good to create torque in the hips but you don't want to transfer extra strain to the knees and risk damage.

What next? Another Box? Change of focus for Feel Good etc?
In the immediate future our focus is prep for our games day, CrossFit Feel Good Unknown and Unknowable 2 on the 15th December 2013. Our main goal is just to keep value adding for our members, developing our coaches, adding more classes, better facilities more options.
In the immediate future we want to expand our current location, add a powerlifting club.


For more information on Crossfit Feel Good head to their revamped website. In regards to the upcoming "Unknown and Unknowable 2" comp on the 15th December, click here.

Crossfit Feel Good | Wodnut
Crossfit Feel Good | Wodnut
Crossfit Feel Good | Wodnut
Crossfit Feel Good | Wodnut
Crossfit Feel Good | Wodnut


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