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Crossfit Games 2015 - Australians Making Waves

Wow what an exciting end to the Crossfit season. This year Australians made waves and placed the green on gold on the map.  To summarise here's how your favourite Australian Crossfitters went. Congratulations to everyone who participated. How well did our rookies performed!! In particular to rookie Tia Toomey who came 2nd in women's individual. Her first Crossfit Games and a podium finish. In addition we've had podium finishes from the young to the not so old. Check out our inspiring Master's categories.

And lastly but not least we would like to give a shout out to Chad Mackay. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Unfortunately Chad had to withdraw in event 5 'Heavy DT' after fracturing his rib. Either way I'm sure all Australians see him as our champion and a Crossfit legend. Until next season keep inspiring.

Women Individual

Men Individual

Team (40 teams)

Teen 16-17 Girls

Fittest Teen Isabella Vallejo from Crossfit Logic

40-44 women

3rd Fittest on Earth Amanda Allens from Crossfi tFallen

45-49 Women

Fittest on Earth First Place Kylie Massi from Crossfit Athletic

55-59 Women

2nd Fittest on Earth Lynne Knapman from Crossfit Active. When we grow up we want to be like Lynne Knapman. Read our full interview of her here.

45-49 Mens

Fittest on Earth Mattthew Swift from Crossfit Brisbane

For those not in America you can watch replays of the games here.


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