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Crossfit Never Quit 2013 Showdown

Who made it to the Crossfit Never Quit Showdown yesterday? A local competition that is favoured due to their well organisation and ... fun WOD selections. Yesterday was no different to the previous years. A rocket turn out of 121 teams or 484 participants. Members even included regional competitors such as Chad MacKay. What better weather to ask for. Blue skies and a sunny day but not too hot.

For those who did not attend there was 2 WODs. One inside and one out with advanced and open categories for both Men and Women.

Inside WOD

Opens Division

12 min AMRAP of...

  • 20 GHD sits
  • 20 Hang DB cleans 20/12.5kg
  • 20 DB front squats 20/12.5kg
  • 20 Fat bar partner shoulder press 53/33kg
  • 20 Fat bar deadlift hold 73/53kg
  • Bonus rope climbs

Advanced Division

12 min AMRAP of..

  • 20 Chest to bar pull ups/li>
  • 20 DB snatch 30/20kg
  • 20 pistol squats alternating
  • 20 DB cleans 30/20kg
  • 20 HSPU (men on deficit boxes)
  • 20 Fat bar deadlift hold 93/73kg
  • Bonus Points Muscle Ups

Outside WOD

The outside is an obstacle course cap at 12min to complete 2 full rounds. Consisted of team deadlifts, horizontal and vertical cargo net, Burpee and mini wall, farmer's carry and deadball walks. 3 Burpees for each drop of the farmer's carry or deadball walk. Weights varied dependent the category.

The obstacle course was a fun one to watch. It looked like the farmer's carry was a tough one, particularly for the small guys and girls. The men's open was expected to carry 100kg, while women 40kg. At some point I had to squint my eye when farmer carries were dropped too close to the toe for ones comfort.


Congratulations to all the teams who participated. Podium results were:

Men advanced (24 teams)

  1. Crossfit Active - Leaded by Chad Mackay and known as the Active Unit for a reason.
  2. Crossfit Cronulla - Did you see there T-shirts? "We eat Active Units!!!" That's just too funny.
  3. Crossfit Norwest

Women advance (10 teams)

  1. Crossfit Base
  2. Crossfit Norwest

Men open (37 teams)

  1. CrossFit New Beginning
  2. CrossFit Queanbeyan
  3. Crossfit Chatswood

Women open (50 teams)

  1. Nepean CrossFit
  2. Crossfit Conditioning
  3. Crossfit Locus

For full results refer to Buzz WOD.


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