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Day 1: Crossfit 2014 Games Summary

Wow what an eventful first day at the Crossfit Games for Individuals Men, Women and team. Which moment was the main highlight for you? The individual men and women had 2 events, the beach and max 1 rep Overhead Squat. Teams had one event, The Beach. For more details visit The Crossfit Games. For those who didn't get a chance to watch here is a quick summary.

Individual Men

Day 1: Crossfit Games 2014 | WodnutRich Froning once again is leading the leaderboard with an 8th on the Beach event and a 1st with an overhead snatch of 377 pounds. In normal fashion he is calm, cool and collected. Mathew Fraser a Games rookie has shown us his strength equaling first in the OHS (2nd event) with Rich Froning. No one hit 400 pounds with only Rich and Tommy Hackenbruck giving it a go.

Individual Women

Day 1: Crossfit Games 2014 | Wodnut
Kara Webb was an absolute engine starting her overhead squat at 235 pounds and winning event 2 with an Overhead squat of 250 pounds. With a 3rd placing finish at the Beach (event 1) that makes her first overall after day 1. If she carries on like this it's going to be a force to be reckon with. Favourite Annie Thorisdottir is now placed 12th.


Day 1: Crossfit Games 2014 | Wodnut

With event one being a beach event, team's living in coastal regions have an advantage but it can be anyone's game. Team events are always interesting with strategy coming into play.

Congratulations to everyone who competed. One day done with three more to go. Do you think the current Top 10 can maintain their lead? It's also great to see the Australian's doing so well this year. Until tomorrow. For more details or to watch replays or the games live go to http://games.crossfit.com/






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