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Dream Big, Chase Hard. Revie Jane Schulz.

For those who don't know Revie Jane Schulz she is the founder and owner to Crossfit Babes Miami. I would even liken her to being Australia's own Jackie Perez. Crossfit Babes Miami is an all-exclusive women’s only Box where everything from the programming to even the barbells (pink plates) are customised for women. It’s one of those boxes even the boys are secretly envious off. At only 23 years of age Revie is a successful business owner, an inspirer, a great wife and friends to many. With 22K Instagram followers and a box that kicks ass we took the opportunity to ask Revie how she started and what's her magic formula. Beware though having fun can be infectious.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. For those who don't know you tell us a little about yourself.

I am the proud Owner of CrossFit Babes Miami, an all women’s affiliate on the Gold Coast Australia. I love CrossFit, I am passionate about Coaching. I am completing an Ironman 70.3 in September as well as releasing my first Ebook "Dream Big, Chase Hard" on Wednesday 20 August 2014. I love my husband, my three dogs and the beach. If those three things are combined I’m the happiest chick in the world!

What lead you to opening a women’s only Box? Is the programming significantly different?

I witnessed and heard of so many woman who were too intimidated to try CrossFit, I saw a gap in the market and it took off a lot better then I ever anticipated. I honestly thought I would be a stepping stone to mainstream CrossFit with males and females but much to my delight the Babes came and stayed! We cover all movements in CrossFit but it is biased towards the typical target areas women like to see tighten up or lose body fat around. We do our best to tailor the workouts to each individual's goals.

22K Instagram followers! What do you think is Crossfit Babes Miami’s secret? Why has it created such a cult following? We noticed even Jackie Perez got on board.

I’m not sure there is a secret to CrossFit Babes Miami, just that we have always focused on the positive and empower one another. We are a support network to each other, a community of women who want whats best for one another and its refreshing for people to see that from the stereotypical “cattiness” that you can see in other communities.

Social Media is a very powerful thing. Being on top of it allows people to be a part of what you created. Instead of reaching the 100 members that you currently have you can reach millions of people around the world. I have always thought that is pretty magic, so I made it a priority. The response has been rewarding and very humbling.

What is the most challenging part of setting up a Box and was it all fun and games?

In setting up a box, you learn quickly that there are many different aspects to a business. Usually when starting out, you don’t have the budget to outsource so you are self taught in many different areas. This often leads to trying to do everything yourself (I am guilty of not asking for help), the coaching, accounts, memberships, website, social media accounts, box maintenance and on top of that you want to remain fit to set a good example! Setting up a box is exhausting, you lack sleep, brain functionality but boy is it worth it! Starting up your own affiliate is the beginning of your dreams. Its the best, most exciting time of your career. That first slap of pink paint, is still fresh in my memory, and it a memory I cherish today.

What does your husband think about being the only man and man coach in the box?

I think he thinks he’s got it pretty good, don't you?! He has the biggest support network of babes since Dan Bilzerian came about. Seriously, Clayton is a humble, gentleman who doesn’t view the members as a bunch of babes, he sees them as people. He is passionate about coaching and a great attribute to our affiliate. Clayton has been known to be the tough cookie amongst the coaches, just mention Coach Clay and Prowlers and watch the members shudder.

When a mum said tells you she has no time, how do you inspire and empower? Personally I know a lot of people who feel guilty about taking time off when they can be spending it with their kids. What would you say to them?

It’s pretty simple. I understand people, especially Mums can feel that it is selfish to dedicate an hour to themselves to help reach their fitness/ health/ weight goals but when it comes down to it, anyone who loves you, wants you to be happy. Fitness is a lot of mum’s outlet to the day’s madness, it is their “me time” and their health should be number one priority. In honouring yourself, you are honouring those who love you. And additionally to honouring yourself, you become a greater version of you.

For Box affiliates or new businesses starting out what is your one word of advice?

Focus on the positives. Focus on what is good and working for your affiliate. Drive towards the things that you love not what you hate and good things will come of it. Don’t listen to negative people and don't let their thoughts get in the way of your dreams. Dream big, chase hard.

We hear you are releasing a new eBook today (20th Aug 2014)? Tell us a little about that.

This book is basically an insight to my life. It is a peek into everything that has made me who I am. It was created to acknowledge that no matter what your situation in life has been, you can choose an amazing destiny. I want to share my personal philosophy on training, nutrition and life itself. My hope is that this message finds those who need it most—to break out of a rut, to gain the confidence to try, or to add new tools that help take their training to the next level.

Dream Big Chase Hard Revie Schulz | Wodnut

Click here to find out more about Revie's new ebook.

So what next? A successful affiliate, an eBook……

If you had of told me 5 years ago I am going to write a book, complete an Ironman 70.3 and own a CrossFit Affiliate with 100 members, I probably wouldn't have believed you. So, I'm not sure what’s ahead, but I am excited for my future and the future of CrossFit Babes Miami. Watch this space.

If you find Revie Jane inspiring follow her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


Passionate about eating healthy, training dirty and looking and feeling great. Read more on About Us.

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