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How to make a delicious and filling salad in 5 minutes?

When people think of salads, they think it's not substantial and that they would be hungry in an hour's time. If you stick to these rules I'm sure your salad would not only be delicious it should be substantial to keep you satisfied for hours to come.

Step 1 - Select a base

Select your leaf base. This can either be rocket, spinach, Asian Leaves etc. Whatever you fancy. When you're short on time just any leaves that can be quickly washed in a salad spinner.

Step 2 - Add your Extras

Extras can be either cherry tomatoes and/or mushrooms and/or steamed brocolinni. Basically whatever tickles your fancy. He's the time to be creative. Think about what complements with the protein you would be using.

Step 3 - Add some sweetness (optional)

I find add just a little sweetness to your salad adds that extra dimension and texture. If you're super concern about sugar you can remove this step but to us we think a handful in a huge bowl is not the end of the world. Ideas of what to add:

  • Handful of currants
  • Handful of cranberries
  • Slice up some nashi pear
  • Maybe some pomegranate
  • Mango (if it's the season)

Step 4 - Add your Fats

Our favourite is nuts and avocado. In terms of nuts we generally use:

  • Toasted pine nuts - This only takes a few minutes on the pan.
  • Roasted walnuts - If desired add honey when the nuts are roasted. This adds a little sweetness if you have left out step 3.

Step 5 - Select a protein

Protein is essential if you want to last the yards. Getting just greens is bound to make you hungry. If you only have 5 minutes smoked salmon or a tin of tuna works great. If you have a little more time, also add a fried egg on top. If time isn't an issue? Then the world is your oyster. Steaks, grilled chicken, seared duck breast etc.

Step 6 - Dressing

You can be as creative as you like. Our "go to" dressing when we are in a rush is super simple. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and dukkha. Super simple, super tasty. The portion of oil to vinegar is really up to you. If you like it more sour, add more vinegar. That's the best thing, no prep and no recipes to follow.


So in 6 simple steps you have a wholesome Paleo meal that nourishes your system, not leaving you sugglish after lunch. Leave us a comment to tell us which combination works best. Follow us on Instagram to get ideas as we often post our 5 minute salads.

How to make a delicious salad in 5 minutes? | Wodnut


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