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Kris Kringle Ideas below $50

Kris Kringle, whether it is for a colleague, friend or family it may be difficult. Particularly with a limited budget. Here are some ideas to help you through this festive season. Tis the season to be jolly, so all ideas are below $50. For Crossfit, Paleo or Design Lovers. Avoid the queues and buy online.

Kris Kringle Ideas below $50 | Wodnut

  1. JAW Pull up Grips $29. Does your friend or partner have rough hands from Crossfit? Help him/her protect them. Comes in range of exclusive Wodnut colours.
  2. Mind Over Matter Wodnut Tee $49.95
  3. 3-in-1 Slicer Zucchini noodle maker. $39.95. Perfect for the health conscious or trying to be health conscious individual.
  4. Wodnut Velocity Ropes. $49.95. Know someone who has mastered or trying to master Double Unders? The perfect give for any Crossfitter.
  5. Yoga Tune Up balls. $20.75. Recommended by the Supple Leopard Kelly Starret. Everyday maintenance for anyone. Not just Crossfitters. Do you know someone that can make use of this?
  6. Strength Wraps. $26.95. The genuine original wraps designed and made in the USA. Don't buy the copycats. Comes in a range of colours.
  7. CrossFIXE hands. From $11-17. Handcare designed for Crossfitters. All natural. No parabens or chemicals. Helps ripped hands heal.
  8. Smartshake. $19.95. The original protein shaker made in Sweden. No more clumps in your protein shakes. BPA free.
  9. Lunchbots. From $21.95 to $24.95. Loved by the Paleo community and likes such as Nom Nom Paleo.
  10. Apolis Transit Issue Key Ring. $45. Handmade in the USA. Do you know someone who constantly loses their keys?
  11. Blue Lounge Milo. $37.85. A stand for your iphone or smartphone. Display your phone like an alarm clock.

Merry Christmas!! 


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