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How to prevent rips when doing pull ups or T2B?

Love Crossfit but can do away with rips or calluses? The more beastmode you become the more likely you are to rip ;) When you do away with bands and strict pull ups, the kipping motion often leads to rips when you are doing multiple reps. How can we prevent rips? Here's what we learnt through trial and error.  It's not 100% foolproof but significantly helps.  Getting rips hands is not a badge of honour. It'll only impact your performance in your next WOD.

First. Let's talk about grip.

We're all about prevention so firstly let's talk about grip. Do you have the right grip? Your fingers should be what is wrapped around the bar and not your palm. Kill Fat Me explains this perfectly. So for efficiency we've cut and pasted them below.

Bad Pull Up Grip Sample

Source: Kill Fat Me

Good Pull Up Grip

Source: Kill Fat Me

Second. Protection.

If you have the right grip technique are your hands sufficiently protected? There are many options nowadays. You just have to see what works best for you. At Wodnut we don't like the leather versions as they seem too bulky. We find a combo of taping and wearing fabric grips works best. eg. something like pull up grips with goat tape. This enables you to still chalk keeping in mind point 4 below.

How to prevent rips when doing pull ups or T2B?| Wodnut

Pull up grips and Goat Tape

How you tape under the grip depends on how big the WOD is. Sometimes fingers only is suffice. At other times you may want to tape fully. Below are some versions of taping you may find useful.

Option 1

Option 2

Third. Maintenance.

The day before a mega T2B or Pull up WOD make sure you address those nasty calluses with a pumice stone or callus remover. And regularly moisturise your hands. Keeping your hands soft will reduce friction and hence the likelihood of ripping.

Fourth. Don't over Chalk.

Like calluses chalk generates more friction. Only use what is necessary. We generally don't chalk unless our palms super sweaty.


By the time you rip it's too late. Prevention is best. If you follow the above steps your likelihood of a rip will be significantly reduced. In the instance you do rip please remember NOT to cut off the excess skin. Leaving the skin on as long as possible is best as it protects the wound. As the rip heals the excess skin will naturally fall off. Always make sure you clean the wound properly and apply something like Crossfixe to help the healing process. Now happy kipping! Share below what works for you.


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