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How to tape for hook grips?

Just a quick post to explain how to tape for hook grips?  But first why hook grip? Well it strengthens your grip so you can lift heavier during olympic lifts. The hook grip also give more direct power transmission much like wearing hard sole shoes rather than running shoes. But like with all changes hook grip can feel awkward when first starting out. I personally find taping helps and when doing multiple reps is a must. Not only does it make me feel stronger (similar to wrist wraps) but it prevents the skin from rubbing against the bar and hence eventual tenderness between my thumb and fourth finger.

So how do we tape? Jason Khalipa explains it perfectly well in the video below. Instead of Rocktape however we recommend Goat Tape. An athletic tape designed in the USA specifically for Crossfitters. There are 2 options:

  1. Scary Sticky - This is the original Goat Tapes designed for Olympic lifting and wrist support. The tape is rigid and SUPER sticky.
  2. Silly Soft - Then there is the later designed primarily for gymnastics like pull ups and T2B. Why are we mentioning it here? Well some people prefer the extra give or flex in the tape. A little more like using RockTape. The tape once again has been specifically designed for Crossfitters and is sticky however we found them to be a little less sticky than the Scary Sticky.

How to Tape for Hook Grips? |Wodnut

So remember the next time you attempt a heavy Olympic lift think about taping for your hook grips. It's worth the extra effort.


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