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The Art of Weightlifting - Diane Fu's new Kickstarter Project

Renowned Olympic Weightlifting Coach Diane Fu and Emmy Award Winning Animation Producer and Portrait Photographer Eric Calderon team up to introduce the illustrated ART OF WEIGHTLIFTING as a unique Kickstarter book project.

Bringing together the curious partnership of 15 years of strength and conditioning coaching and 2 years of cartoon knowhow and photography expertise, Diane and Eric have launched their effort with the hopes of raising $50,000.00 in pre orders for this creative product.

Written from Diane’s progressive perspective, the book will explore the various theories, practices, and metaphors associated with the modern worldwide sport of Olympic weightlifting as they relate to the two signature moves of the sport, the ‘clean and jerk’ and the ‘snatch’. But, unlike a standard textbook, the text will be presented alongside beautiful imagery. Eric will be taking Diane’s photos executing these lifts and then working with a host of artists to re-create these photos in stunningly original illustrations each page a unique work of art.

The result will be a product that is equally comfortable on the gym floor or in a coache's office for reference and on a coffee table in any living room as a pure art book. In addition to the book, Diane and Eric have 'stretch' goals that include illustrated tank tops, wrist wraps, and even a short animation should they reach their highest stretch goal level. 

Finally, there’s even an opportunity to have potential buyers have their own images rendered in the styles of one of the artists  in the book. The deadline for The Art of Weightlifting Kickstarter project is the 30th May 2014.

For more information on Diane Fu visit http://www.fubarbell.com


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