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The Official Wodnut Launch

After months of planning we've finally launched. Thanks for everyone’s patience. We're super excited to show what we've been up to. Any feedback, positive or negative is welcome, as we would like to evolve with our community.Wodnut is a concept developed at the end of 2012. Yes, it has taken THAT long to ensure things are perfect. Well almost, perfect.

We're not just a shop. We're not just a Blog.  We aim to be the voice of the community. To inspire and be inspiring. A community who strives to continually improve one’s health in mind, body and spirit.  Movement students who love to eat clean, train dirty. Be challenged, Be motivated.  Improve the quality of your daily life. Believe in yourself. Be happy, Be unique. That’s where the “BE” in our logo came from. To "BE" whatever you want to "BE".

If it still isn't obvious, Wodnut revolves around our 3 Passions. Crossfit, Paleo and Style. We've developed a platform with the focus on being simple and functional, yet balanced with aesthetics. Yes, there are always conflicting decisions to be made between design and functionality. That can be a post on it's own.  Hopefully we've struck the right balance.

Our objective at Wodnut is to merge these three passions into ONE. To Crossfitters, it's not just about the exercise. Fitness starts in the kitchen. What you eat can affect your performance. To those dieting, it's shouldn't be a diet but a lifestyle choice. Eating right is only the foundation. You are what you do all day. And if this is sitting, who are you kidding? As for Style, it's in the details. All too often Crossfit Shirts are just words slap across any tee. When it comes to our own shirts we focus on the following:

  • Colour as it creates ambience and changes mood.
  • Material quality and durability. The ability to withstand multiple WODs and the breathability.
  • Stylish Cut - show off the results of your hard work. Baggy tees are banned.
  • Concept and Graphics - We keep a Field Note handy at all times to scribble down inspirational ideas. Sometimes this comes after a WOD, sometime after reading or watching something or the most unexpected times. Yes, you know when you are a Crossfitter when you are thinking or dreaming Crossfit 24x7. Email us if you have any ideas you would like us to explore.

A Wodnut Crossfitter is any ordinary person who strives to be the best at what he/she does. Open minded people who loves to be active, healthy and to be have fun. Does this sound like you? Come and join our community as it is the people that makes Wodnut. For more about us.

As a final note, thank you to the following people who helped make it happen. Steven C, Jeff Bullas, Hikaru, Jon C, Juan, Scotty and Vivien Wong. Also, a thank you to all our followers. Stay tuned as we add more products in the following weeks.

Super ecstatic with the following comments:

"Congratulations on launching your new store! Its looks absolutely amazing - this is one of the best online retail stores for health food and related products we have seen!!" -- Mirrabooka

"WOW what a fantastic site you have!  Great work and so much stuff to browse and shop! Love it". -- The Sox Box

"The website is absolutely amazing.  Hard work well paid off".

"It is bloody awesome... master work! Well done and may you be the next google of being!"


Passionate about eating healthy, training dirty and looking and feeling great. Read more on About Us.

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