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Top 5 inspiring Videos

Some of these have been circulating the web for some time. We figured it's time to consolidate our favourites. Get ready to be inspired and motivated. Our Top 5 inspiring videos to light the fire within. Start your change today and tell us which is your favourite?

Briohny Smyth - Acro Yoga

Yoga instructor Briohny Smyth returns to the mat for an intimate session with her husband, Dice Iida-Klein. It’s truly amazing what the body can do. This must be yoga’s hottest couple. Inspired? Yoga is a great combination to crossfit. It's the YIN to the YANG and ensures we remain supple. A critical component that impact our performance and our quality of life.

Ido Portal on Paleo Diet, CrossFit, Gymnastics, Motivation, Movement...

Ido Portal is super inspiring. A true movement teacher. Sometimes at Wodnut we don't like words like "Crossfit" and "Paleo", as people get pigeonholed and form a view on how things should be. We believe in being a student of movement whatever the form (or method) may be called. Ido portal really demonstrates this. His movements cover amazing feats that cover yoga, gymnastics and strengthening exercises. Go to his page to get more inspiration. Totally recommended.

Rawbrah - 44 Best Body Weight Exercises

This video went viral on the internet. The Rawbrah's are 3 brothers who started doing this just for fun. Check out their growing online community. What they can do with their bodies is truly amazing.

Animal Flow

Have you seen this? It reminds me of all the bear crawls, duck walks, lizard walks etc we do in Crossfit. Except this is that on STEROIDS. Mike Fitch is the creator of animal flow and he is not just a handsome pretty face. Check out his website. It's a great resource and provides great tutorials on things like how to get to pistols or handstand push ups.

Do You Even Lift?

Just a fun one to add to the mix. See what fit crazy young kids can do.


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