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Why your daughter should Crossfit?

6 reasons why your daughter should Crossfit.

1. Beauty

What is beauty? Everyone's perception of beauty is different.  It changes from the Race you are from, country you live in and the peers that surround you. So often are we bombarded with photoshop images of unrealistic looking women or tone down versions of women who are considered too muscular.

The other day I was in the CBD during fashion week. The city was crowded with model like figures. Yes, they were tall. Yes, they were fashionable. And yes, they were skinny. Skinny to the extent of looking unhealthy. The best thing about Crossfit is that you are surrounded by people who are focused on improving their performance and not look. Well not all but at least those who are focused on looks have a healthier perspective. As Cliche as it sounds "Strong is the new Skinny" and it is a great perspective of beauty to instill into your daughter.

Why my daughter should Crossfit? | Wodnut

Why my daughter should Crossfit? | Wodnut

This is how real Crossfitters look like:

Why my daughter should Crossfit? | Wodnut

Why my daughter should Crossfit? | Wodnut

2. Confidence

Anyone who has tried Crossfit knows that it is a "Mind Over Matter" type of sport. The minute you think you will fail you will. How times did you drop the weights when you hesitated? The minute you believe you can't go upside down, you can't. Learning to be challenged, to get outside your comfort zone and yet be able to succeed builds confidence. The more you do it, the more you believe you can do it. Distilling confidence at young age is priceless.

3. Discipline and Hard Work

Like with any sports, Crossfit instills discipline and hard work. She will learn that only hard work and actions breed success.

4. Movement Student

Before Crossfit I thought going to the gym 4-6 times a work was good enough to offset my sedentary office lifestyle. It never occurred to me to think that sports performance can be impacted by what I did 23 hours of the day when I was not at Crossfit. Not just performance but how the quality of life. Tight back, sore wrist? Sounds all too familiar. How can sitting all day impact your overhead squat or T2B? How can wearing high heels result in running inefficiencies? How does a cheat day affect my WOD?

As the result of Crossfit I became more aware. Aware of how and why I feel the way I feel. I like to say I became a movement student. The human body is great at adapting. If you spend most of the time doing something that is detrimental to your health like sitting, don't expect 1 hour at the Box to fix the problem. The first step to change is awareness and this is what Crossfit will teach your daughter. It's not everything but a start to her journey of well being.

5. Strength

Need I say more? Strength = Independence. There were many times I was able to carry heavy boxes back to the warehouse without the need to ask for help.

6. Community

Everyone who does Crossfit tells you it is the "Community" that differentiates Crossfit. As you daughter grow up having a sense that she belongs somewhere is important. There are lots of role models she can look onto. Learning social skills in a place she feels comfortable is important.


The skills we learn at Crossfit is transferable to improving our quality of life. Having your daughter exposed to these traits puts her on the right path for success. As they say, surround yourself positivity and great role models and the law of attraction says that she will become a great role model herself one day.




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