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Living an optimal lifestyle should be everyone's goal. Of course, "optimal" is different for everyone. However there is one core foundation to be happy. And starts with being "healthy".  How can one be healthy? The answer is not as simple as it sounds.  In today's society, we are overloaded with information.  Information abundance can be a problem. With the Internet, everyone suddenly is an expert. What is right or wrong? Learn to critique what you read. Just because something is published does not mean it is true.

At Wodnut, we believe being healthy is a lifestyle.  You are what you eat and do. Sounds cliche but true.  A healthy lifestyle to Wodnut means the following:

  • Eat Clean. Use Paleo as a template to create an optimal diet that works for you. And by diet I say in a good way. You still love and enjoy food but are merely being selective to ensure you are eating and absorbing the best fuel possible. 
  • Train Hard and be balanced. Be a movement student and jack of all trades.  If you pursue a specific sport, we understand you need to focus on specific things however try to incorporate some aspects of the Crossfit definition of fitness. A balanced body lowers the probability for injury. I am not saying you must be a Crossfitter OR would never have injuries if you do Crossfit.  However Crossfit does provide a good foundation as the focus is to be good at everything. It makes it easy for everyday people to be introduced to more technical movements such as Gymnastic & Olympic Lifting. It makes the everyday person more conscious of their weakness and how our body should or can move. For example, if I do not have the mobility to squat, this will affect my ability to properly perform an overhead squat. 
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Get enough sunshine.
  • Do the things you love.
  • Surround yourself with people you love.
  • Think positive.
  • Laugh everyday.
  • Practice forgiveness. Holding a grudge is emotionally draining. 
  • Have some "me" time each day to reflect and chill.
  • Set goals and challenges.

Life is a journey. Don't just take our word for it. Test and learn to see what works for you.  

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