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Work Hard Stay Humble Enamel Mugs (Set of 2)

  • Handmade

Sturdy and Handsome.

Handmade in Europe using traditional WWII methods. Each steel mug is coated in enamel, with a double layer on the handle and rim to to survive the bumps and nicks. As each mug is made lovingly by hand some may contain imperfections that give them character. Perfect for your outdoor adventures or if you want to enjoy simple pleasures where ever you are.

  • Hand Dipped
  • Set of 2: One white, One Marine.
  • 8cm Diameter
  • Capacity: 350ml or 11.8 OZ

Graphic avaliable on both men and women T-shirts.

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Hand crafted in a country where enamelware has been produced for over 100 years. Steel Enamel Mugs Hand welded handles | Wodnut

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Steel mugs before hand dipping.

Steel Enamel mugs before dipping

Work Hard Stay Humble Enamel Mugs | Wodnut