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Wodnut Velocity Speed Ropes

Looking for the fastest Jump Rope in the market? Even comes with a spare set of cable.

Look no further. Our Wodnut Velocity Jump Rope is like no other. It's light weight and super fast, making them perfect for Double Unders and speed events. The handles are made from engineered polymer making them tough & indestructible.  Check out our demo video on the unbelievable micro precision dual core ball bearings. We've opted for uncoated cables as this is significantly faster.  

Note: Although durable, please avoid using the ropes on concrete and rough surfaces as this can damage and reduce the life span of your ropes. A rubber gym floor is preferable. 

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When every second counts, you don't want it to be your tool that is letting you down

Ball bearings like no other. Watch how the handle spins. At Wodnut, we've selected uncoated cables as we believe this is the fastest. Yes, it does hurt when your whip yourself however this would only mean you'll be a fast learner.

Included are:

  • One fully assembled rope (3m or 10 ft uncoated Stainless Steel wire).
  • A replacement 3m (10 ft) uncoated Stainless Steel wire.
  • A Hex Key
  • A Carry Pouch

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