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Elbow Support (Core Line 7720)

If you train regularly you may get some joint, tendon, ligament or joint pain. Use these elbow sleeves to increased blood flow, warmth, obtain pain relief, compression and support.

Note: Sold as separate units and not in pairs. Unisex

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  • Gives warmth and increases the blood flow.
  • Provides pain relief. 
  • Gives compression around the elbow joint. 
  • Increases muscle co-ordination in the area (proprioception). 


  • Inflammatory problems
  • haematomas. 


  • 5 mm SBR/neoprene
  • polyamidejersey. 
More Info

Core Line is specially developed for athletes and seriously active people. To put if briefly, it’s a more defined sport range than Basic Line. With Core Line you get comfort, function and security in a whole new way. The 3D design gives perfect fit, the products offers warmth, compression and stability and you feel safe during exercise. Just like Basic Line, the products are available for all parts of the body, but we have also developed special products for handball, volleyball and other sports.


Place the support on the elbow.

Important Information

  1. The product is not flameproof, avoid temperature above 120°C/ 248°F. 
  2. The function of the product must not be changed or compromised, the product should only be used for its original, intended indication. 
  3. Time of use should not exceed 3-4 hours. 

Washing Instructions

Mesh laundry bag is recommended.

Washing instructions Rehband | Wodnut

Size Guide
Rehband Elbow 7720 size chart | Wodnut
About the Brand

The brand of choice for many Strongmen and Crossfit Elite.

It all began in 1955 when a family from Estonia founded the "Institutet för Bråckskador” (The institute for hernia injuries) in Sweden in order to develop and manufacture rehabilitation bandages. Rehband as we know it today was founded on the basis of hernia bandages. During the 1970s the company broadened its product range and changed its name to Rehband Anatomiska AB. Today Rehband is part of Otto Bock HealthCare; one of the world's leading technical orthopaedics companies. This is the ideal environment for Rehband.

The cornerstones in the creation process of the Rehband products are Quality, Function and Design. This is the key for supports, bandages and protection products to function properly when being used for sport activities, at all levels. The Rehband products are developed in-house and produced in the fully owned and modern factory in Estonia. Rehband has the necessary expertise in both medical knowledge and understanding of modern materials, and work closely with doctors and physiotherapists to provide products that help you power your performance.

Rehband is today a brand on the international sport consumer market, and develops, produces and distributes sport supports and protective products to more than 25 countries around the world.

Rehband – Power your performance.