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Red Boat

Red Boat Fish Sauce (500ml)

  • Paleo

The purest fish sauce on Earth

Did you know that Fish Sauce can be a little like wine or olive oil?  Yes, the vats used to age the fish sauce matters. The vats act like “oak to wine” and impart a special flavour.  Premium fish sauce is defined by numbers that look much like the following: 40, 30, 20 and 15°N/L. The darkest-colored bottle is labeled 40°N/L and comes from the first extraction of liquid.  The higher the number, the greater the concentration of fish protein.  This combination give Red Boat that elusive fifth umami flavour. Although it's more expensive you use less as it's more flavoursome and concentrated. Use the Fish Sauce this is approved by Whole30 and used by favourite Paleo Community chefs like Melissa JoulwanMichelle Tam and Tom Denham.

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The only fish sauce approved by Whole30

In Vietnamese, nước mắm means literally “salted fish water.” Red Boat "nước mắm nhi" is the secret ingredient in South East Asian cooking. The savory, sweet, and umami-laden sauce gives dishes a unique, rich and satisfying dimension.

Red Boat is an all-natural, first press, “extra virgin” Vietnamese fish sauce. It does not contain added water, preservatives or MSG. Made from a two hundred year-old, chemical free, artisanal process, Red Boat uses only the freshest cá com (black anchovy), salted minutes after leaving the sea then slow aged for over a year in traditional wooden barrels. Red Boat anchovies are sourced exclusively from the crystal clear waters off the Phu Quoc Island archipelago.

In the past, this top grade fish sauce was reserved for our family table in Vietnam but we are very excited to share our family secret with you. With pride we bring you the only authentic Vietnamese Phu Quoc fish sauce available in the United States.

Whether you are a master chef or enthusiastic home cook, we guarantee you the highest quality product and the best results.

About the Brand

The Story of Red Boat Fish Sauce

I have strong food-related nostalgia for my childhood in Saigon filled with the scents of tropical foods and herbs that dominated most dishes. But what I miss most is the aromatic rice infused with intensely fragrant nước mắm nhi (fish sauce) that beckoned us to the family table. After leaving my homeland and coming to the U.S. I began cooking more frequently to recapture the flavors of my youth but to my disappointment the nước mắm nhi I found in Asian markets tasted flat or harsh. Nothing seemed to have the sweet rich flavor of the nước mắm nhi my family enjoyed in Vietnam. Thus began my odyssey to create authentic and flavorful fish sauce. My uncles had often talked about the source of the best fish sauce we ate in Vietnam, the beautiful tropical Island of Phu Quoc. I set off to develop my own nước mắm nhi and in 2006, I expanded a small family owned factory on Phu Quoc. The result is Red Boat Fish Sauce. What makes Red Boat Fish Sauce the best available? Three exceptional standards of quality: 1. The freshest fish makes the best fish sauce. The primary ingredient in Red Boat is select fresh wild-caught anchovy from the crystal clear waters off the Phu Quoc island archipelago. We use only black anchovy (Ca Com) to lend a unique character and superior flavor to our nước mắm nhi. 2. Artisanal not processed. A centuries-old traditional method of slow fermentation in large tropical wood barrels to achieve the smoothest, richest, and sweetest flavor. 3. It takes two. We bottle only pure first press “extra virgin” fish sauce so with Red Boat, you are getting an amber elixir that is made of just two all natural ingredients: fresh wild caught anchovy and sea salt. My strong commitment to these values has enabled me to make create a traditional nước mắm nhi of the highest possible quality and unmatched taste. Today, I am proud and delighted to share my recipe with my family, friends, and anyone with a desire for traditional all-natural nước mắm nhi fish sauce. Please join our family and taste the delicious difference.

-- Cuong Pham Owner Red Boat Fish Sauce

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