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Goat Tape

Goat Tape Silly Soft (Black)

Silly Soft. The gymnast's response to Scary Sticky.

Goat Tape’s Silly Soft tape is closer in stickiness to average athletic tape, to reduce “gumming up” during gymnastic movements, but softer to the touch. Less friction leads to better coverage during repetitive high-intensity gymnastic movements like pull-ups. Silly Soft is best for palm taping or gymnastics grips. It rips easily lengthwise and width wise.

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 3.81cm x 9m (1.5" x 10 yards)

Also available in Scary Sticky which is the crazy sticky tape formulated for Olympic lifting.

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Goat Tape. The first atheletic tape designed for Crossfitters by Crossfitters. 

The tape is made from soft non-stretch cotton, and features ludicrous tensile strength, in addition to Goat Tape's signature Malaysian-grade adhesive. Rips easily lengthwise and width-wise.

IMPORTANT: The recommendation is to use warm water to take the tape off as it can rip and/or bruise your skin. Form a fist when peeling the tape off areas between the fingers.

How to Apply Goat Tape

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