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Pull up Grips (Gold/Brown)

  • AU Made
  • Handmade
  • Limited Edition

Sick of calluses or rips?

Why not try our pull up grips. Designed by JAW for Wodnut these grips are designed to feel similar to taping however without the hassle. At Wodnut we personally test our products. Some grips made from leather or synthetic pad feel bulky and cumbersome. Our preference is either to tape OR use JAW grips. Designed to initially fit snug, the grip will stretch to your hand size after a few use.

Colour: Gold with Brown Stitching (EXCLUSIVE Wodnut Colour)

Note: This strap colour has been discontinued. Buy them before they run out. This colour combo will no longer be available.

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No more Rip hands! 100% Australia made

Getting rips or rough hands? Protect them with these grips. Great for Olympic lifts, Pull ups, kettlebells and toes to bar. You'll will still get some calluses however they will be significantly reduced. Pump out numerous pull up reps minimising the likelihood of ripped hands.  The grips are versatile and can be worn for the entire WOD between different movements. They will soak up your sweat reducing the need to freqently chalk. And yes, you can still chalk while wearing these grips. That's the beauty of them. You'll forget that they are there. Leave your leather grips or gloves at home.

Key features:

  • Forget that they are there. Soft and molds to your hand. Don't let your gear interfere with your performance.
  • Ability to be CHALKED. 
  • Will soak up your perspiration and keep your palms reasonably dry during your WOD 
  • Finger holes are deliberately cut small so that you can size your own finger holes. With a sharp pair of scissors cut upwards first (away from the velcro). Then cut towards the bottom. This keeps the finger hole snug as it will stretch out over time.

Material: Made from cloth that are designed to withstand sweat, friction from rubbing and won't harden from perspiration.

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